Makemytrip hotels offer Book a hotel with Zero advance

Makemytrip hotels offer Book a hotel with Zero advance

Makemytrip hotels offer Book a hotel with Zero advance

Makemytrip hotels offer Book a hotel with Zero advance


Makemytrip hotels offer Book a hotel with Zero advance



  • Select a hotel against which ‘Pay at Checkout’ option is available.
  • During the booking process, select ‘Pay at Checkout’ option when asked to choose between ‘Pay at Checkout’ and ‘Pay Now’.
  • While most hotel bookings require only One-time Password (OTP) verification on mobile, few might require you to enter a valid credit card number at payment stage.
  • That’s it! Your booking is confirmed and you can pay the amount directly at the hotel. In case of some bookings, the hotelier may contact you for partial prepayment few days before the check-in date.



Q. Is my booking confirmed without payment?

Ans. Yes, your booking is confirmed without payment with the hotelier at the time of booking and you need not verify booking confirmation with MakeMyTrip or the hotelier. However, in case the hotel has a pre-payment policy as communicated during the booking flow and in the hotel voucher, the booking will be confirmed after the hotelier has successfully received the payment.

Q. On selecting ‘Pay at Checkout’, I see a message like ‘10% of payment needs to be paid 2 days before check-in’. What does this mean?

Ans. In such cases, the hotelier might reach out to you via email before your booking and request partial payment. The hotel will provide details of its bank account for transfer using NEFT. If you had given your credit card details at the time of booking, the hotel will directly debit this amount from your card.

Q. After being notified that ‘10% of payment needs to be paid 2 days before check-in’, no one from the hotel has contacted me. What do I do?

Ans. This might happen in a few cases and might be because the hotelier didn’t want pre-payment or was not able to reach you. Please check your email and ensure that you did not receive a mail from the hotel or MakeMyTrip. You can be sure that the booking is confirmed with the hotelier in such a case.

Q. I’ve shared my card details during ‘Pay at Checkout’ booking. Will the hotel contact me before charging the card?

Ans. No, the hotel has all the necessary details to charge your card. The amount will be auto-debited against the card shared by you at the time of booking.

Q. What happens if I run out of credit on the credit card that I used to secure a ‘Pay at Checkout’ booking?

Ans. Some hotels require you to submit your card details at the time of booking. If a hotel has a pre-payment policy, your card will be charged as per the terms of the policy. If the hotelier is not able to charge your card successfully, he/she will call or email you to ask for an alternative payment instrument. If the payment is not successful through any mode of payment, the hotelier may cancel your booking. To avoid such a scenario, it is better to ensure that your bank account has adequate balance and the card is valid, or make a ‘Pay at Checkout’ booking that doesn’t require a credit card.

Q. I am not able to use MyWallet amount for ‘Pay at Checkout’ hotel booking.

Ans. MyWallet amount or MakeMyTrip reward points are not applicable for ‘Pay at Checkout’ booking option. Please select ‘Pay Now’ to avail these options during the booking.

Q. I cannot see ‘Pay at Checkout’ option for a hotel even though it’s there for the same hotel on a friend’s computer. Why is that?

Ans. Basis past bookings and no-show history, MakeMyTrip may choose to withdraw the ‘Pay at Checkout’ option. Also, the user will not be able to see this option if he/she has exceeded the maximum limit of bookings made from one account. In such cases, you’re requested to book using ‘Pay Now’ option.

Q. I’ve transferred the money to the hotel account. How will I get confirmation of the payment and the booking?

Ans. The hotelier will send a confirmation mail after he has received the payment in his account.

Q. My bank takes 24 hours to add a new funds transfer account. Will the hotel cancel my booking?

Ans. In case addition of a new account is taking longer than expected, we request you to communicate the same to the hotelier so that he does not cancel the booking. This will be on the hotel’s discretion.

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