Get 100% Money Back Exclusive 25% – 50% Off On APP

Get 100% Money Back Exclusive 25% – 50% Off On APP

Get 100% Money Back Exclusive 25% – 50% Off On APP

Get 100% Money Back Exclusive 25% - 50% Off On APP

Coupon Code: HTBLISS

Here’s how the offer works on Desktop/WAP bookings:

Instant eCashRedeem eCashCode
90% eCash (up to Rs.8,000)10% eCashback (max. up to Rs.1,000)HTBLISS

Here’s how the offer works on Desktop/WAP/App bookings:

Offer on AppOffer on Desktop/WAPCode
Flat Rs.2,500 OFF + 40% eCashback90%  eCash (up to Rs.8,000)HTROYAL
Flat 50% OFF (max. up to Rs.1,500) + 40% eCashback90%  eCash (up to Rs.8,000)HTBOGO
Flat 35% OFF (max. up to Rs.2,250) + 40% eCashback90%  eCash (up to Rs.8,000)HTBLISS35
Flat 30% OFF (max. up to Rs.2,250) + 40% eCashback90%  eCash (up to Rs.8,000)HTBLISS30
Flat 25% OFF (max. up to Rs.3,000) + 40% eCashback90%  eCash (up to Rs.8,000)HTBLISS25
Flat 20% OFF (max. up to Rs.1,500) + 40% eCashback90%  eCash (up to Rs.8,000)HTBLISS20
  • Redeem 10% eCash(up to 1,000) from your Yatra account.
  • Earn 40% eCashupto a maximum of 2,000eCash.
  • The eCashwill be credited into your Yatra account instantly.
  • Offer period is from September 2 – 7, 2016.

eCash process:

  • On successful validation of the promo codeand completion of transaction, your Yatra account will be credited instantly with the relevant eCash.
  • It is advisable to make this transaction after having logged into your Yatra account. In case of non-logged in transactions, the eCashwill be credited to your account, basis the email ID used. You can access the Yatra account by the link sent on your email ID.
  • Use your eCashto make online transactions on flight, domestic hotel and bus bookings.
  • Only 5% of your booking amount can be redeemed via the eCashearned from previous bookings on flights, 10% (up to 1,000) on hotels and 10% each on bus and train bookings.
  • The eCashearned through this offer has a validity of 90 days from travel date.



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